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Help Vero Beach Rowing Raise $50k for Youth Athletes


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Help Vero Beach Rowing Raise $50k for Youth Athletes

Vero Beach Rowing is Growing

We are on a mission to promote and teach the sport of rowing to the community in order to develop physical fitness, personal character and an ethic of cooperation through competitive and recreational opportunities.

The number of youth athletes participating in our Juniors program continues to grow and, as a young team, they're achieving success regionally, statewide and nationally - for some, even internationally! Help us continue our growth in an impactful way, supporting the youth of Vero Beach by providing them with opportunities and experiences they'll take into adulthood.

Vero Beach Rowing's annual Erg-a-Thon is a special event where our masters, varsity, novice and middle school teams will all work together to test their physical fitness, personal character and team cooperation. This fundraiser provides an opportunity for friends, family and all members of our community to sponsor youth athlete(s) as they relay row on erg machines with their crew! Sponsors attending in person have an opportunity to cheer them on live, tour the boathouse facilities and engage with fellow supporters from our community.
Starting November 11th, at 8am, teams will erg for a total of 42,195 meters (a full 26.2 mile marathon distance). Each youth athlete is encouraged to raise at least $500 to help us meet our 2023 goal of $50,000.
Donations received during our Erg-A-Thon will benefit:
  • Scholarship Program (50% of our youth athletes receive scholarship funding)
  • Summer Camps that allow us to introduce students from all backgrounds to the sport
  • Partnerships that support veterans and cancer survivors
  • Needed equipment to keep our fleet in first class condition

Please help send more kids to rowing camp, help subsidize rowers in financial need & help develop a lifelong, year round outdoor sport for our youth. Your donations will help these athletes develop necessary life skills for future success through the opportunity to row. This can be done through a tax deductible gift to Vero Beach Rowing, Inc., a section 501©(3) non-profit.
The foundation is established; our boathouse is open and staffed with coaches who bring a depth of knowledge and experience to Vero like never before. Now is the opportunity to expand and allow this great sport to positively impact others. Let's empower more lives, one stroke at a time.

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